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Home Insurance

front door of a house

Your home is a major purchase that needs to be insured properly to protect your investment. Our responsibility is to educate you on the coverages and limits you need so you’ll be protected when you need it most.

When looking at your homeowners policy, there are some important questions to ask to ensure you have the proper coverage:

1. What is the value of my property? The right limit here is not what your home is worth, but rather the cost associated with rebuilding your home.

2. What is the value of my personal property?  Putting a limit on all of your personal property can be tough.  Our expert team can help you assess the proper limit to ensure all of your belongings are protected.

3. How much liability protection do I need?  Knowing the right limit for liability protection can be tough to calculate.  Ideally, it should be enought to protect all of your assets, but there are situations where you may need it to be even higher.

4. Do I have any unique or valuable items?  Items like jewelry and antiques will often require additional coverage to ensure they’re properly protected.

To speak with one of our agents about the coverage options available to you, please contact our office.


Coverage Glossary

To help you determine the coverage you need, below are the most common homeowners insurance terms and their definitions.

  • Dwellings and Other Structures: Coverage for your primary residence and structures like a shed or detached garage.
  • Personal Liability: Coverage in the event someone is injured at your home or you cause property damage to others.
  • Personal Property: Coverage for your household contents and personal belongings.
  • Jewelery and Other Valuables: Most policies include limited coverage for valuable items. You can work with our agents to increase the coverage on valuable jewelery, antiques, art, guns, and other items.
  • Loss of Use: Covers living expenses over and above your normal living expenses if you cannot live in your home while repairs are being made or if you are denied access by government order.